Our Elite & Select Programs are focused on those players who are advanced or show the dedication and potential to play at a high competition level.  Our teams play in the Elite Development Program (EDP), Central Maryland Short Sided League (CMSSL), and Central Maryland Soccer Association (CMSA).

The below teams are those projected for the Spring 2021 season.  Please click on the Contact tab to inquire with the staff on coordinating a tryout for the Spring 2021 Season. We will do the best we can do accommodate requests while still adhering to restrictions as a result of the COVID outbreak.

BU9 Predators Red

CMSA A Division

Head Coach: Ryan Brassard

Fall CMSA B Divison Champions

BU13 Vipers

EDP Premier V

Head Coach: Tim Morgan

BU10 Predators Black

CMSA 9v9 Division

Head Coach: Justin Sider

Fall CMSA C Division 3rd Place Finish

BU14 Scorpions

EDP Championship II

Head Coach: Mike Butler

BU12 Titans

CMSA C Division

Head Coach: Sean Capps

First Season in CMSA

BU14 United

CMSA C Division

Head Coach: Donte Williams

First Season in CMSA

GU12 Phoenix

CMSA C Division

Head Coach: Jeremiah Oehler

Fall CMSA C Division 3rd Place Finish

GU15 Black Flames

EDP Championship

Head Coach: Chris Oberdalhoff

GU15 Angels

CMSA C Division

Head Coach: Chris Shacklock

All Harundale Youth Soccer uniforms provided by Champions Choice, the largest Official Adidas Team Outfitter in the United States.

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